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Wynn's HPLS is a treatment for transmissions that improves shifting, reduces noise and stops oil leaks


  • For steering rack, manual gearboxes and differentials.
  • Do not use for automatic gearboxes.

Features and Key Benefits

  • Improves anti-friction and anti-wear properties.
  • Limits wear due to metal-to-metal contact (reinforced EP additives of gear oils).
  • Makes shifting easier.
  • Ensures hydrodynamic lubrication, even at high loads and high temperatures.
  • Prevents and reduces vibration noise from gears and bearings.
  • Reduces viscosity at cold temperatures for immediate lubrication when starting from cold.
  • Prevents and stops oil leaks.
  • Can be mixed with all gear oils (including ATF Dexron, Mercon) and hydraulic oils on a synthetic and mineral basis.
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Usage advice

  • A 125 ml tube treats 2 liters of gearbox oil.

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