Liquid Glaze Bust 25 liter packaging

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Liquid Glaze Bust 25 liter packaging APPLICATION LIQUID GLAZE BUST: DATASHEET: 5408 Can be used straight from the packaging for engines that have been incompletely or incorrectly run-in. ADVANTAGES: Liquid glaze bust has been specially developed to restart an incomplete grinding process of a newly built engine when the normal process has stopped. This saves the technician a lot of time and money because the installation does not have to be done again. OPERATION: This product provides wear protection for the valve train and engine bearings, while at the same time allowing the piston rings and cylinder walls to continue to wear correctly. WARNING: Do not use this product in your motorcycle for more than 300 kilometers. Experience has shown that varying speeds around the peak of the torque work best, whereby the engine may be loaded, but not excessively. Although every effort has been made to resolve wear problems, no liability can be accepted if existing problems cannot be resolved. SPECIFIC CHARACTERISTICS: SAE Viscosity Class 20

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