Assembly lubricant 1 liter package

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Assembly lubricant 1 liter package Description APPLICATION ASSEMBLY LUBRICANT DATASHEET: 5495 DESCRIPTION: Specially formulated for builders of racing engine blocks and transmissions. This high-quality lubricant contains solvent-refined medium oil components with a high concentration of anti-wear additives. Provides a racing engine block or transmission with the necessary extra lubrication during the break-in period. APPLICATION: Use straight from the package when assembling mechanical parts to ensure protection during initial start-up. CUSTOMER BENEFITS: Specially formulated assembly lubricant provides mechanical protection for first start-up or newly assembled parts. This agent has been developed to remain on the treated parts during construction, thus providing very high protection against wear, especially for parts that have to work under high loads, including camshafts and followers, crankshaft bearings, etc. Unlike other assembly pastes, Assembly Lubricant is completely miscible and compatible with all engine oils and dissolves completely during start-up, eliminating the need for an additional oil change.

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