5 in 1 radiator Flush 325ml

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5 in 1 radiator Flush 325ml

5in1 Radiator flush is a specially developed radiator cleaner for cleaning the entire cooling system. The radiator cleaner is suitable for all coolant systems. The 5in1 radiator flush is also acid-free.


  •  Powerful radiator cleaner
  •  Cleans cooling systems quickly
  •  Removes rust and dirt
  •  Safe for all metals
  •  Cleans water channels
  •  Safe for rubber hoses
  •  Cleans and unclogs cooling system
  •  310 ML is sufficient for a 3 - 6 liter system

Over time, the build-up of dirt and rust can reduce the performance of cooling systems. This can lead to clogged cooling water channels, resulting in overheating and increased pressure. 5in1 Radiator cleaner effectively removes blockages and removes dirt and rust build-up. Can be used with any type of radiator, and is harmless to rubber hoses, gaskets and metals.

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