5 in 1 Radiator pill 325ml

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5in1 Radiator stop leak is a coolant additive for petrol and diesel engines that permanently seals radiator leaks. Simple hairline cracks in the radiator are often overlooked during maintenance. These hairline cracks can cause radiator leakage in the long term. A radiator leak is detected by the 5in1 radiator stop leak and filled with sealing components.

5in1 Radiator stop leak works quickly, cheaply and locates the smallest holes that cannot be seen with the naked eye. In addition, the 5in1 radiator stop leak can also be used preventively, because it also helps to prevent leakage. This coolant additive is suitable for all types of coolant.

  •  With the new formula, the 5in1 radiator leak stop is good for 30 liters of coolant.
  •  The radiator leak stop can be used in petrol and diesel engines.
  •  Effective repair of radiator leaks
  •  Stops and prevents leaks
  •  Protects the cooling system
  •  Contains added corrosion inhibitors
  •  5in1 radiator stop leak helps to prevent blockage
  •  Suitable for all types of coolant and antifreeze

5in1 radiator leak stop for radiators quickly finds radiator leaks and seals them permanently. The radiator leak stop is formulated to inhibit the development of rust and corrosion to prevent further leaks. This product can be used with antifreeze and is harmless to rubber hoses, gaskets and liquid gaskets.

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