Classic Sport High Performance 20w50 5 liter packaging

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Classic Sport High Performance 20w50 5 liter packaging Description APPLICATION CLASSIC HIGH PERFORMANCE 20w50 NT DATASHEET: 7911 This nanotechnology motor oil has been formulated to provide classic cars with a very high level of protection. The reduced friction leads to more power, lower fuel consumption, reduces wear and limits heat development. This motor oil provides exceptional protection for classic cars that require a 20W50 viscosity motor oil. Also proven successful on motorcycles with wet clutches. By incorporating high quality fully synthetic base oils and modern innovative additives, and combining them with periodic viscometric properties, this motor oil provides optimal lubrication of engines made in the post-war period up to the early 1980s. This motor oil is specially designed for use under harsh conditions such as highway use, long tours, track and motorsport. ADVANTAGES : This motor oil reduces friction by up to 63%, leading to a reduction in wear of up to 38%, compared to other synthetic 20w50 motor oil that does not contain Nanotechnology. This product quickly reduces the coefficient of friction as engine temperature increases, ensuring optimal fuel consumption and reduced emissions. This High performance 20w50 NT engine oil protects against wear and ensures a longer lifespan of the engine. This 20w50 NT oil reduces operating costs through lower fuel consumption and a longer lifespan of the components. You will find high levels of ZDDP (zinc) in this product. This 20w50 NT engine oil is suitable for working at temperatures from 125 °C to 150 °C.

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