Classic Pistoneeze 20w50 25 liter packaging

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Classic Pistoneeze 50 is ideal for classic cars with an oil filter and especially if it has a clogged oil reservoir. It contains a high-quality solvent with refined monograde mineral base oil and the addition of a cleaning and binding additive package. This monograde oil makes starting easier due to its better cold flow behavior. Classic Pistoneeze 50 oil is a mineral monograde oil in viscosity SAE 30, SAE 40, SAE 50, and even SAE 70, which are improved thanks to modern lubricant technology (without polymer) to achieve the same viscosity at any operating temperature. Classic Pistoneeze 50 is especially suitable for pre-war and classic vehicles where a monograde oil is required and the owner can be assured that there is no dirt or debris in the crankcase. This monograde oil is also ideal for cars built between 1940 and 1960 with superior oil filters designed to run on monograde oils with detergent and dispersion additives. ADVANTAGES Classic Pistoneeze monograde oil provides good control of the oil and ensures that no viscosity is lost due to shear. Classic Pistoneeze monograde oil provides the right level of protection against wear and rust required for a classic car.

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