VSPe power plus multi shot 500 ml

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VSPe power plus multi shot 500 ml Vintage and youngtimers and the harmful effects of ethanol. To avoid problems, many owners of classic cars fill up with bio-ethanol Super unleaded 98 or another petrol with a high octane number (98 or higher), but the designation super or 98 octane alone is no guarantee that a petrol is ethanol-free. If you cannot find a gas station in your area that sells ethanol-free gasoline, you can add a special agent to the gasoline that counteracts the harmful effects of bio-ethanol. VSPe Power Plus Multishot is an all-in-one fuel additive. It is an ethanol killer, lead substitute and octane booster. A 500 ml bottle treats 500 liters of fuel. Did you know that with this product you can keep refueling with both E5 and E10? It neutralizes up to and including E10 and also provides better lubrication. This product is easy to use because you can easily measure the precise amount through the dosing system on the side of this product. ADVANTAGES : It increases octane by up to 2 octane (20 points), depending on fuel quality. This product prevents valve seat erosion on engines with unhardened valve seats. VSPE Power Plus Multishot prevents detonation and hot spots. It prevents corrosion in the fuel system and helps protect the components. VSPE Power Plus Multishot contains antifreeze formula for the carburetor. This product contains antioxidants to improve fuel quality.

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