Classic Preservation Oil 20w50 25 liter packaging

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Classic Preservation Oil 20w50 25 liter packaging Description APPLICATION CLASSIC PRESERVATION OIL 20w50 DATASHEET: 7931 This classic preservation oil is a highly refined mineral base oil with additional additives to provide protection against rust. Use this classic preservation oil to protect mechanical parts when your car is in storage for a longer period of time. This motor oil is mainly intended for engines, but can also be used in gearboxes. Suitable for vintage, classic, motorsport or industrial applications. You apply the oil in the same way as you would normally change the oil: Run the engine to warm the oil. Then drain the oil and replace the filter. Then fill with classic preservation oil 20w50 and let the engine run for about fifteen minutes. The shelf life of the classic preservative oil is approximately three years when the oil is circulated every 6 months. Occasional use of the car up to 3000 kilometers is possible, but this reduces the shelf life. When the engine is due for maintenance, we recommend warming the oil by running the engine and then changing the oil without replacing the oil filter. Then fill the engine with the correct Millers oil required for regular use of the car. Suitable for petrol and diesel engines. ADVANTAGES Vapor inhibitors in this classic preservative oil provide anti-rust performance on work surfaces. This classic preservative oil can be used in gearboxes that require engine oil. Can be used for storage in Hypoid single final drives. Vehicles can drive 3000 kilometers with this classic preservation oil. Suitable for both petrol and diesel vehicles.

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