Crower camshaft Rover V8 performance

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Crower camshaft 50229 for Rover V8 engines is our personal preference for more torque and a more powerful V8 engine. Not suitable for 4.0 and 4.6 liter engines. The valve tappet (preload) must be adjusted by installing shims under the rocker arm shafts. These shims are also available in our shop.

Installation instructions: ALWAYS install new valve tappets when installing a new camshaft; CRO66050-16. Run the camshaft in with fresh 10W40 oil with zinc addition; COM159. Check the quality of the pushrods; if in doubt replace; 603378. Usually the distribution also needs to be replaced; the chain always shows play; replace the entire set for CLOC-3003K or the even better quality CLO9-1132.

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