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Cyclone 55mm

What does a Cyclone do and what is its effect?

Normally, when the mixture is compressed, it is virtually still. When the spark plug sparks, the mixture ignites radially from that spark point. However, before the mixture can burn completely, the exhaust valves open, causing the mixture to burn only 20 to 30% (with the exception of some car types). (see image a) Because the Cyclone swirls the air, this firstly ensures better mixing of air and fuel, creating a better mixture. But what is more important is that the mixture, when compressed, is still swirling, so that now when the mixture ignites, it is swirled through the unignited mixture. (see image b). This allows a combustion percentage of 60 to 80% to be achieved.

Because much more of the mixture is burned, a car not only becomes stronger throughout its entire speed range, but also a lot more economical in consumption. With turbo engines, both petrol and diesel, the turbo lag becomes significantly smaller. The much higher combustion percentage gives even more advantages: there is less fuel leakage into the engine oil, which means it lasts longer; much less soot deposits on the valves and dirty valves are burned clean (see image) and (glow) plugs also last longer.

Ignition is different with diesel, but the same principle applies to combustion and the Cyclone has an even better effect. This is because diesel is a heavier fuel.

Which one does one need and where is it placed?

There are 2 types of Cyclones, namely the Ki…. series that can be installed on almost all diesel and injection engines and on carburetor / mono-point engines, where the filter is not on the engine.

These Cyclones are round and are placed in the air hose, as close as possible to or in the intake manifold itself. This type is available in sizes from 25 to 160 mm in diameter, with intervals of 2 and 3 mm.
The Ki… series should be placed as close as possible to the intake manifold and there should never be an obstacle between the Cyclone and the engine, such as filter, turbo, intercooler, etc.

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