How to Powertune Rover V8 engines

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How to Powertune Rover V8 engines by Des Hammill

How to Power Tune Rover V8 Engines for Road & Track includes everything you could want to know about increasing the performance and reliability of the Rover V8 engine which has been in production since 1967. Derived from a Buick design, the engine first appeared in the Rover P5B of 1967, but continued in use through subsequent Rover models: P6 and SD1. Not only a favorite of kit car builders, the Rover V8 also appeared in Morgans, TVRs, Land Rovers, Range Rovers, MGB V8 and the Leyland P76 in Australia. Coverage includes: - Limitations of standard components - Short block preparation/clearances - Solving the oiling and main cap problems of pre-1994 cylinder blocks - Full details of cylinder head modification - Optimizing ignition settings - Exhaust system requirements - Holley, Weber & SU carburettor /inlet manifold options - Camshaft & valve train requirements - Modifications for racing - Modifications for road use

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