Kroon Classic Gear Oil 1 ltr

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Classic Gear EP 90 is a medium EP-doped SAE 90 transmission oil, suitable for classic transmissions. Due to the requirements that modern lubricants must meet, modern and often low-viscosity transmission oils are significantly less suitable or not suitable for use in classic transmissions. In order to be able to safely lubricate the cherished and often expensive classics, Kroon-Oil has developed the Classic Oils. A complete line, fully tailored to use in classic vehicles. High-quality mineral base oils and carefully selected additives give Classic Gear EP 90 the following properties:

  • Excellent lubricating properties
  • Good anti-corrosion properties
  • Good EP properties
  • Compatible with classic seals and rubbers
  • Good anti-foaming ability


Classic Gear EP 90 is a mineral SAE 90 transmission oil. The product is suitable for manual transmissions and other transmissions of classic vehicles, which require a medium EP-doped single-grade oil according to API GL-4 specification.

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