Permatex Supra Black Gasket Maker

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OEM specified. For dealership warranty requirements, Supra Black ensures extended drivetrain warranty compliance. Fast curing formula. Sensor-safe, low odor, non-corrosive. Meets performance specs of OE silicone gaskets. Retains high flexibility, oil resistant properties through use of a patented adhesion system. Temperature range -70°C to 260°C intermittent; resists auto and shop fluids and vibration.

How To Use

  1. For best results, clean and dry all surfaces with a residue-free solvent.
  2. Cut nozzle to desired bead size gaskets are best formed using a 1/16" to 1/4" (2 to 6 mm) bead.
  3. Apply a continuous and even bead of silicone to one surface; surround all bolt holes. Assemble parts immediately. Finger tighten bolts until material begins to squeeze out around flange. Allow to dry for one hour then tighten 1/4 to 1/2 turn.
  4. Silicone dries in 1 hour, and fully cures in 24 hours. Allow more time in cold or very dry conditions.
  5. Replace cap after use. Clean hands with dry cloth or Permatex® Fast Orange® Hand Cleaner. Clean tools with nonflammable cleaning fluid.[/expand]
NOTE: Not recommended for use on head gaskets or parts in contact with gasoline.

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