Rover V8 3.5 engine on exchange basis

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Crankshaft suspension: Crankshaft bolts -original
Camshaft: No camshaft
Cylinder heads: No cylinder heads
Sale price€2.400,00


Rover V8 3.5 liter engine block on exchange basis

Cylinder heads with intake and exhaust valves, valve springs and seals

Drilled, honed, smoothed, cleaned and sprayed silver

New oversized pistons with 9.35/1 compression ratio

Custom made piston rings

Ground and/or polished crankshaft

Valve tappets are of the " anti pump up " type

ARP main bearing and cylinder head studs are recommended for sporting use

Comp Cams zinc addition is a requirement to properly break in the piston rings and camshaft for a long service life.

6 months warranty

Engine block and cylinder heads on an exchange basis.

We charge a deposit if no parts are returned or the parts are damaged beyond repair:

V8 under block; €250.-

V8 cylinder heads; €100.-

V8 connecting rods: €50.-

We do not send these blocks by post; they can be picked up in Hooglanderveen (Amersfoort), the Netherlands

These Rover V8 engines have been supplied in Rover SD1, Rover P5B, Rover P6 3500, TVR, Morgan Plus 8, Cobra kit cars, Landrover V8, Range Rover V8, MGB GT V8, among others.

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