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RX10 is a coating specially developed to protect the underside and inside of automobiles. RX10 Anti Rust is resistant to salts and mild acids, is non-toxic and non-aggressive and is resistant to stone chips. RX10 anti-rust adheres firmly to the material to be treated.

RX10 anti-rust forms an excellent sealing layer, can be painted over and is economical to use. RX10 is easy to spray but can also be used with a brush. RX10 does not contain bitumen and/or wax, so rust formation due to drying and shrinking is excluded.

RX10 cannot be painted over with a 2-component paint.

The consumption of RX10 is 1 liter per 8 to 10 square meters. To achieve optimal results, you should apply RX10 in two layers. When applying the first layer, you can dilute the RX10 with RX5 (try to mix an equal amount of RX5 and RX10). The second coat should be applied with RX10 to which approximately 10% RX5 should be added. The standard RX10 gives a deep black finish in high gloss, even if you apply it with a brush you get a 'factory new' result.

  • is resistant to salts and light acids
  • is good for years of protection
  • NB. RX10 should only be used after treatment with RX5. The processing temperature of RX products is above 15 degrees Celsius.
  • forms an excellent sealing layer
  • does not contain bitumen or wax, so rust formation due to drying or shrinking is excluded
  • is supplied in black as standard, but also in other RAL colors on request
  • is sufficiently resistant to stone deposits
  • is poison-free and not aggressive
  • can only be painted over with synthetic varnish (always make a test piece first!)
  • adheres firmly to the material to be treated

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