Cataclean Petrol 500ml

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Cataclean Petrol 500ml

The ultimate fuel additive, Cataclean® cleans, restores and protects the entire engine, fuel tank and exhaust system.

Simply pour into your fuel tank every 3 months (or every 5000 kilometers) and Cataclean® will remove harmful carbon particles and resin deposits. With longer use, Cataclean® can protect against the accumulation of dirt, preventing defects and blockages in the parts of your engine and the exhaust system.

Cataclean® can help you with your MOT inspection by reducing emissions by 60% - For you the difference between an approval or a rejection of your MOT.

Cataclean® increases your mileage per fill-up, saving you money on fuel.

With Cataclean® you do not have to fill up with premium fuel, which saves your wallet.

Cataclean® improves power, acceleration and responsiveness, automatically improving the overall performance of your vehicle.


  • Up to 10% fuel savings with long-term use of Cataclean.
  • Up to 60% reduction in exhaust emissions with an average of more than 30% in global tests.
  • The older your vehicle, the better the fuel savings will be for you.
  • Your fuel system and its components are much better protected, meaning you don't have to replace parts such as your particulate filter and catalytic converter as quickly.

The RAC has long known the benefits of our Cataclean® products. Equipping our technicians with Cataclean® Diesel therefore seemed a natural extension of our range as it helps to solve a frustrating particulate filter problem for motorists. “Phil Ryan, Technical Director, RAC in the United Kingdom.

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